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Would you like to travel from Hull to Rotterdam?

If so, look no further: P&O Ferries is the answer. P&O makes daily trips from Rotterdam to England. If you would like to book a journey from Rotterdam to Hull immediately, go directly to the P&O site. It is possible to book both a return trip as well as a one-way trip from Rotterdam to Hull.

The ferries leave Rotterdam and Hull daily at 9:00 pm and arrive the following morning.  The travel time is approximately 10 hours, with a check-in time of 90 minutes prior to departure. 

You’ll sail with the Pride of Hull or the Pride of Rotterdam. These ferry boats are equipped with different types of overnight cabins suited for any budget. The Club cabins are the most comfortable, while our economy cabins cater to those with a limited budget.  The ferries are also equipped with both standard and premiere cabins, which offer more luxury than the economy cabins. 

It is entirely possible for you to bring your car or motorcycle along. We can also accommodate your caravan—during some parts of the year we even offer this service free of charge.

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Alternative Route to Great Britain?

With DFDS Seaways ferries from IJmuiden/Amsterdam to Newcastle or route Duinkerken-Dover!

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